Does PariMatch betting really offer in accordance with the law?

Yes. To be able to be called a legal beech on USA territory, the company must have the appropriate license issued by the Ministry of Finance. The PariMatch bookmaker has the necessary permits from the Ministry of Finance for ground and online activities. It has a USA domain (on which you can place bets, as well as find information such as regulations and the PariMatch bookmakers, check the coupon), it pays taxes in our country, so you can safely say that it is a legal bookmaker.


It should not be forgotten that there is a risk of fines for playing against illegal entities. It can be up to 120 daily rates (determined individually for each individual according to earnings and living situation). Additionally, the winnings must be returned together with the deposit paid by the tipster. It is therefore not wise to play illegally. Therefore, do not be convinced by any welcome bonus or higher betting odds – on sports betting’s illegal website you must not bet.

PariMatch registration, or how to create an account?

If we know that PariMatch’s number 1 sports betting site offer is completely legal, we can proceed to how to register on the website. This is not extremely complicated, because in the PariMatch registration is practically the same as with any other bookmaker. To create a new player account with this legitimate bookmaker, enter your username, password and email. The fact that you need to confirm your identity by checking your ID card during the registration process is nothing new or strange. This is a standard not only at the PariMatch bookmaker, but everywhere.


How do you deposit money to your PariMatch account? As PariMatch beech belongs to the group of legal bookmakers, USA banks can mediate in transactions. There is therefore no problem to make a deposit transfer on the bookmaker’s website. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made at stationary points.

Interestingly, if the player has the appropriate registration code, he can bet his first PariMatch betting with an additional bonus.

The PariMatch offer and how to win a sports betting

Of course, like all bookmakers, WZB PariMatch offers bookmakers mainly in sports. 26 disciplines are available. Theoretically, this seems like a lot, however, some bookmakers sometimes offer almost twice as much. So what will PariMatch offer us? Football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball – these are the most popular choices of customers, so they can not be missing in the offer of any beech. In addition, we also find cricket, alpine skiing, snooker and rugby. There can be various leagues and events within one discipline, because it increases the player’s possibilities. It is no different here – PariMatch offers sports betting in various ranges, such as football Ekstraklasa, Europa League or minor leagues. Of course, the PariMatch Champions League must be because they are very popular games.

Players are increasingly interested in esports and in fact PariMatch offers betting in this aspect. However, customers can choose only among four computer games – CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, StarCraft 2. It would be good if PariMatch sports betting in this area expanded its offer. Virtual sports enjoy similar popularity – in WZB. PariMatch bookmakers can be placed in this category.


It can not be hidden that the offer of sports betting simulator is basically very similar in all cases, so the bookmaking offer of Betcity does not differ significantly from the rest. Sports events are undoubtedly the most popular, however, many bookmakers often meet the expectations of customers who want to have more opportunities. In addition to sports, tipsters sometimes bet on political and cultural events. And here in the case of the bookmaker Betcity WZB the offer works similarly – if you are interested in film Oscars, you will find them along with the other offer.

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